Own the plane - Share the costs


Flying Rates, Monthly Dues and Membership

Flying Costs
All Flying Rates are Wet, per Hobbs Hour.

Each member is billed monthly for flights taken during the previous month.
1977 Cessna 172N
$77 per Hour*
1979 Piper PA-28-181
Archer II
$87 per Hour*
1978 Cessna 182-RG
$132 per Hour*
1977 Piper PA-32R Lance
$150 per Hour*

* Rates shown are for "Lowest Cost to Fly" Option

Dues - $129 per month which cover the fixed operating costs of the club.

Option 1 - Lowest Cost to Join: $2950
Lower buy-in with higher hourly rates on aircraft.
The "Lowest Cost to Fly" rates are 20% to 30% greater than the "Lowest Cost to Join" rates.

Option 2 - Lowest Cost to Fly: $6500
Higher buy-in with lower hourly rates on aircraft.
Hourly aircraft rates are determined by Board of Directors and published the Flywell website.

Membership Notes:
  • The roster is limited to 40 members.
  • The membership share price is based on fractional ownership of all four planes and the hangar.
  • Both membership categories have same obligations, rights and privileges with regard to voting rights, board membership and family membership.
  • The total number of “Lowest Cost to Join” memberships shall be limited to ten (10). This limit may be changed by a vote of Flywell board.
  • Members can upgrade their membership at any time without a transaction fee by paying the difference between the two membership options and then enjoy lower hourly rates. However, there is no provision for the reverse.
  • In the event of an equity distribution due to dissolution of the Flywell entity or other assets a “Lowest Cost to Join” membership would be limited to a maximum payout commensurate with equity investment – a percentage of buy-in cost / $6500.